Onychoplasty is a modern art that requires great care in the selection of those suitable professional products such as acrylics , gels , acrygel , semi-permanent varnishes , simple nail polishes , bases and tops as well as support fluids such as acetone , acrylic liquid and acrygel liquid , keratolytic lotions , necessary sterilization and disinfection fluids.

Regarding the preparation of the nail , you will find the appropriate treatments , oils and care creams that are necessary for the proper treatment of the nail plate.

Hundreds of tools such as brushes , files , razors , buffers , pushers , scissors , nail cutters , nail pushers , molds , bowls , pads , jars , finger separators , tweezers , nail clippersmilling machines , curing lamps , fans  will help you for an easy application.

The perfect finish will come with the addition of nail art products through a truly chaotic variety of glitter , stickers , ribbons , Swarovski , prints , flakes , foil , bristles , cashmere , powders , cat eye , stardust , mirror chameleon and many more.

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