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www.makeupstores.gr (hereafter ‘’company’’) is the e-store of exhibit and disposal products via internet

Before you enter our e-store and explore our page, we invite you to consult the term and conditions, that appear especially for the use of the Company’s e-store, which you can find in www.makeupstores.gr

Make sure that you agree with the terms and conditions because yourfurther use and exploration of the page above www.makeupstores.gr implies your explicit and unconditional consent with them.


The Company preserves the right to modify unilaterally or to renews the present terms and the conditions of the transactions, that take place via its e-store, according to its needs and the merchantable morals. The Company undertakes the obligation to inform the users for any modifications and for any change, through the page of the present e-store.


The company commits to the quality, the occupancy and the validity of the information that are listed in its page www.makeupstores.gr, both in terms the exact data that are being exposed and the provided, from its e-store, services, under the reservation of any technical or typographical mistakes, that can not be predicted or had accrued involuntary or pauses of operation of the page due to force majeure.


The Company is not responsible for any client / user damage that may accrue from the confirmation or not of their order (except of the occasions of paragraph "PRODUCT RETURNS")

Also reserves from the delivery time of the products in case of force majeure. The e-store www.makeupstores.gr can not provide any guarantee for the availability of the products, but guarantees valid information on the final consumers for their unavailability.

In no case the e-store of the Company bears no responsibility for any demands of legal or urban or criminal nature neither of any damage (positive, special or consequential that indicatively and not restrictive,alternatively or cumulatively is highly recommended in loss of profits, data, financial satisfaction etc) from guests of the website or others from reasons which have association with the function or dysfunction or the use of the website or the failure to provide services or information that are available from him or any allowed interventions from others to products or services or information that are provided through him.


This page is the official e-store of the Company. All the content of the page, including pictures, graphics, photographs, scripts, drawings, provided services and products are copyrights of the Company and are protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek law, European law and international conventions.

Any copy is prohibited, analog / digital registry and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transport, downloading, remaking, resale, creation of derivative work or misleading of the public about the real provider of the website’s content. Any reproduction, reissue, load, notification, spread or transmission or any other usage of the content in any way or mean for commercial or other purposes is allowed only after previous written permission of the Company or any other legal beneficiary of the above copyrights.


The names, pictures, logos and trademarks which represent the Company or its e-store www.makeupstores.gr or third parties affiliated with them and the products or their services are proprietary marksand trademarks of the Company or www.makeupstores.gr or the above third parties and are protected from the Greek, community and international laws of trademarks and industrial and copyright. In any case their appearance and display in the website www.makeupstores.gr and the e-store of the Company it must not in any way to be perceived as transferor concession of authorization or their right of usage.


The Company isaware of the significance on the subject of safety of your personal data and of your online transactions and takes all necessary measures, with the most modernand advanced methods, ensuring your maximum security. All the information, regarding your personal data and your transactions, are safe and confidential. The safety of the Companies e-store can be achieved with the following methods;

Customer recognition

The codes that are used for your recognition are two; the entry code (e-mail or username) and your personal safety code (password), which every time that you register them they provide access with total security for your personal data.

You are given the capability to change your personal safety code (password) as frequent as you like. The only one who has access to your data is you via the codes above and you are solely responsible for the preservation of the secrecy and its concealing from others. In case of its loss or leakage you must contact us immediately, or else the e-store of the Company is not responsible for the use of the secret code from unauthorized person. We advise you, for safety reasons, to change your password frequently and avoid same and easily detectable code (date of birth).

Ensuring Privacy on Transferring your Personal Data

For Ensuring Privacy on Transferring of Data, we use the protocol encryptionSSL-256bit. The system has been certified from Comodo company, which specializes in matters of transaction security.

Auto Log Out

If there is no activity for more than 20 minutes an auto log out accrues disconnecting you from the e-store of the Company

Transaction Privacy

The observance of privacy is considered obvious. The same basic principles that are governing the classic transactions also apply in the case of e-commerce. Every information that is being transferred from the user/member to the Company are confidential and the Company has already taken all the necessary measures to use them only in a level that is deemed necessary in the context of the services. Some of the measures that have been taken are the following:

  • Only authorized personal have access to the information of your transactions and only if it is necessary, for example; processing of your requests
  • The Company does not reveal data of its clients and their transactions, unless there is an authorization from you or it is imposed from a court order or other public authority
  • In case of the Company uses others to support its systems, takes care at the insurance of confidentiality
  • You can ask of any data regarding you and you can change them in case you can prove there is a mistake
  • For your own safety, you must handle all information that are provided through the service as private and confidential and do not reveal any of them to others

In any case the e-store of the Company does not reveal in any way or publishes your personal data and information that you trust us with. The personal data that you put at our disposal with your sign as a member are being used only for the implementation of your transactions. All information is encrypted and stored in total security


During your visit in the page www.makeupstores.gr and in order to buy products, but also to ensure the possibility of communication with you in order to inform you of our new products, is more likely to ask from you to register data that relate you (name, occupation, e-mail, date of birth etc). Any personal data that you represent anywhere in the pages and services of the website www.makeupstores.gr, are aimed at exclusively for the insurance of its function and it is not allowed to be used from any other, without complying with the provisions of the law 2472/97 about the protection of processing personal data, which applies every time.

The e-store www.makeupstores.gr is operating according to the current Greek community legislation and keeps with total security your personal data for as long as you are a member of any service of www.makeupstores.gr which are deleted after any termination of transactional bond. The personal data which you report to the e-store www.makeupstore.gr are being used only from it or other cooperating businesses, in order to support, promote and execute of the trading relationship.

The holding data of the record can be shared to the competent court, police and other authorities after theirlegitimate request and according to the present laws. The Client, within the law of communication privacy, has the rights of information and objection that are predicted by the articles 11 to 13 of the law 2472/97


At the shelves of our e-store you can find cosmetics,perfumery,body care products, nail products and various of electronic and electric devices related to the body and nail care.

To make your search easier, we have divided our products in main categories. Every category haves a subcategory, which appear at the upper section of your screen. Our goal is to reach to your final product with 3 clicks.

In case you are looking for something specific, you can use "Search" tool, which will lead you directly to your choice.

The Company makes every possible effort to provide services of high quality but however it is not responsible for any mistakes in prices and features of products and can notsecure, that there will be no outages of the page or "human" mistakes during the information /inscription of a product’s price. For the safety and effectiveness of your purchases provided that you notice a product with incredibly low or high price considering its market value, before you proceed with its delivery contact the Department of Costumers Service.


Return of wrong item

In case of the delivered product is not the product of your order you can return it to us, within 10 days from its delivery date, at the address that is written in our contact information page.

In case you want to return a product, you have to contact us by phone or e-mail. Makeup Stores will inform you by phone or e-mail and whether or not you can return the product to us or if the time period to do that has ended. In case of the acceptance of return of the false item Makeup Stores will inform you by phone or e-mail with the return process of the product.

The return of false item is accepted only if the product is at its original condition, the packing of the product has not been opened or unsealed, has not been stained or corrupted and if it is to a condition beyond the original.

After we receive the false product and we verifythat covers the conditions from the paragraph above, we will proceed immediately to the replacement and shipping of the right product of your order. In that case all return cost of the false item and shipment of the right oneburdens our Company.

Right of withdrawal

According to the law about costumer’s protection (law 2251/1994) you have the right to return the product within 14 calendar days of the acknowledgement of its receipt. The return of the product is being accepted only if the product is at its original condition, the packingof the product has not been opened or unsealed,has not been stained or corrupted and if it is to a condition beyond the original. In any case, the costs of shipment and return burden the client, if the shipping was free, it will be charged normally with the return costs.

The returning process in that case is the following:

  1. Pack the product, in a large box in order to be protected during the shipping
  2. You fill the Form of Withdrawaland after you sign it you place it in the package mentioned above
  3. You send the package, with the courier you received the order

Makeup Stores as soon as receives the package and certifies that covers the mentioned conditions, it will proceed to the return fee, according to the way of payment that you have chosen during your purchase.

We would like to remind you that in case of the product does not meets the term above, it will be returned to its sender on his/hers costs.

Order cancellation

Cancellation of order can happen on the following cases;

Before the order is filled you can press the <> button which is at the bottom left of your screen. Clicking that cancels automatically your order.

If your online order is complete but the product has not yet sent you can call 2331505410 and one of our contributors will take the cancellation of your order.


Pay On Delivery (Only for Greece)

The products of your order are being sent with courier and you pay the price by the time of the receipt. In that case, your order is burdened with COD management costs 2.5€ including the value added tax per order.

Bank account deposit

You can deposit your purchase money inside one of the following accounts selecting the bank that you see fit

Attention! On the deposit receipt it must be indicated your full name.

Piraeus account number: 5242 078617 448

IBAN: GR3801722420005242078617448

For the faster execution of your order you can:

  • Contact by phone on 2331505410 for the notification of the transaction.
  • You can e-mail us: info@makeupstores.gr confirming the receipt of your deposit.

Credit card

We give you the possibility of payment the amount of your order with the use of your credit card. In that way if you have a Visa, MasterCard you can use them with total security through the form of your order.

The process of payment with credit cards is covered by the most modern requirements of security.The process of completing your payment is taken by Piraeus Bank insuring total security of your transaction.

In that way selecting the card icon you are automatically transferred to the secure server from Piraeus Bank.

All data that move online from the client (card number, CCV2, expiring date) to Piraeus Bank as well as their transfer from the Bank to VISA, Electron VISA, MasterCard are covered by the encryptionalgorithm SSL 128bit, the strongest encryption worldwide.

Your card’s data are not stored in data bases of makeupstores.gr.

So all of your transactions in our e-store (makeupstores.gr) via credit cards are completely safe.


Deliveries are sent within 3 working days after the order. Makeup Stores does not process or sends deliveries on weekends. So all orders done on Friday will be sent on Monday morning.

Shipping methods

The Company can serve clients in all Greece. Delivery cost differ according to the weight and the size of the products. Makeup Stores is collaborating with ELTA courier.

For your convenience and service Makeup Stores provide an automatic program that can calculate the shipping cost of the items you wish to buy in all Greece. In that way once you finish with the product or products you wish to buy next to the cart the total shipping cost appears.

For any order above 50€ we provide FREE OF CHARGE shipping costs for shipments within Greece.

There is also the ability of selecting your own transfer company through the cart. In that case you take all shipping costs. The receipt of your order from your chosen courier will be fulfilled only to our main store (Panagi Tsaldari 24, 59100, Veria) with your order. To avoid mistakes and oversights Makeup Stores will contact you by phone


Makeup Stores informs you about availability of the products. If an item is not available the system will not allow you to buy it. Also if the quantity you chose is bigger than the available, the system will notify you for the present maximum available quantity.

To products with availability date shown, their delivery will take place after their arrival.

Additional to products which have no availability date it means that we do not know when they will be available.


Makeup Stores offer you warranty of good function for a period of 6 months from the purchase date only for our online products. For the warranty to apply you must confirm the authentic bill or receipt of the purchase.

The warranty does not cover any damages or fractures that are caused by an accident, natural disaster, negligence, bad use, changes in electricity, modification or any other interference from an individual unauthorized by our Company.