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Right of withdrawal

According to the law about costumer’s protection (law 2251/1994) you have the right to return the product within 14 calendar days of the acknowledgement of its receipt. The return of the product is being accepted only if the product is at its original condition, the packingof the product has not been opened or unsealed,has not been stained or corrupted and if it is to a condition beyond the original. In any case, the costs of shipment and return burden the client, if the shipping was free, it will be charged normally with the return costs.

The returning process in that case is the following:

  1. Pack the product, in a large box in order to be protected during the shipping
  2. You fill the Form of Withdrawaland after you sign it you place it in the package mentioned above
  3. You send the package, with the courier you received the order

Makeup Stores as soon as receives the package and certifies that covers the mentioned conditions, it will proceed to the return fee, according to the way of payment that you have chosen during your purchase.

We would like to remind you that in case of the product does not meets the term above, it will be returned to its sender on his/hers costs.

Order cancellation

Cancellation of order can happen on the following cases;

Before the order is filled you can press the <> button which is at the bottom left of your screen. Clicking that cancels automatically your order.

If your online order is complete but the product has not yet sent you can call 2331505410 and one of our contributors will take the cancellation of your order.