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Return of wrong item

In case of the delivered product is not the product of your order you can return it to us, within 10 days from its delivery date, at the address that is written in our contact information page.

In case you want to return a product, you have to contact us by phone or e-mail. Makeup Stores will inform you by phone or e-mail about whether or not you can return the product to us or if the time period to do that has ended. In case of the acceptance of return of the false item Makeup Stores will inform you by phone or e-mail with the return process of the product.

The return of false item is accepted only if the product is at its original condition, the packing of the product has not been opened or unsealed, has not been stained or corrupted and if it is to a condition beyond the original.

After we receive the false product and we verifythat covers the conditions from the paragraph above, we will proceed immediately to the replacement and shipping of the right product of your order. In that case all return cost of the false item and shipment of the right oneburdens our Company.