Our company MakeupStores managed to provide you with a range of quality equipment with modern design of high aesthetics and durability. In the Equipment we provide, you will find everything you need for your Beauty Salon through a wide range of equipment for Aesthetics, Hairdressing and Nail Care. In us you will find, equipment for: Aesthetics Stools, Aesthetics Assistants, Hairdressing Chairs, Aesthetics Chairs, Manicure Chairs, Make-up Chairs, Electric Lifting Chairs, Hydraulic Lifting Chairs, Aesthetics Beds, Massage Beds, Barber Equipment, Manicure Desks, Professional Mirrors, Tattoo Equipment, SPA Armchairs, Foot Baths, Footrests & Pedicure Assistants, Work Lamps, Reception Furniture, Sofas and Waiting Seats.

CAUTION !!! SPECIALTIES OF ORDERING EQUIPMENT (chairs, beds, beauty assistants, hairdressing chairs,, Reception Furniture, Sofas and Waiting Seats, etc.). For orders over 10 kg, of the order by bank deposit.

Shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

The products are delivered in packed boxes for reasons of protection and cost savings during transport and are NOT delivered assembled, but are designed so that you can easily assemble them yourself. However, if you want, we can help you with telephone support from our technical department if needed.

All prices include VAT

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