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Makeupstores Interlining Stripes For Depilation 100 pcs

Tools 661474

The straps are made of high quality, soft and very durable interlining (~ 80g/m2). The stripes do not irritate the skin, they perfectly harmonise with any type of wax, peeling it evenly and accurately. In addition, each stripe can be used up to 8 times during one treatment, so you can save a lot.

How is it working?

Warm up the wax cartridge in the preheater, and after obtaining a fluid consistency remove the cartridge and apply the wax to the depilation area from the roller side. Then press the strap and after the wax solidifies, rip it off with a quick motion.


  • colour: white
  • quantity: 100pcs
  • measurements: 22x7cm
  • weight: 120g

Price 3.50

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