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Vollare Smoothing Hand And Nail Serum With Argan Oil

Care Products 919090

Smoothening hand serumVollaré Cosmetics with an innovative formula for every type of skin, especially dry, very dry and sensitive. A modern recipe provides for an intense and long-lasting moisture of hand skin, considerably enhancing its firmness and smoothness and effectively protecting it against adverse effect of external factors.  A precious argan oil deeply regenerates, actively nourishes and counteracts epidermis ageing processes. Hands become silky smooth, perfectly moisturised, and nails become effectively nourished.

How to use: Apply a little portion of serum on cleaned hands and gently massage it into skin. You can leave a thicker layer for a night and put on cotton gloves–it will work like a regenerating mask. Effects are visible with regular use.

Weight / volume: 
75 ml

Price 2.90

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