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Vollare Intensively Moistening Treatment For Hands

Care Products 919089

A revitalizing peeling for hands Vollaré Cosmetics with natural nut shells by massaging effectively removes epidermis and stimulates microcirculation. The formula with jojoba oil intensively moistens and regenerates chapped skin and softens cornifications. Hands skin becomes extremely smooth and flexible.

A paraffin mask for hands Vollaré Cosmetics brings back a balance to dry and demanding skin. A unique formula based on paraffin oil and sweet almond oil forms a soft film protecting the skin from dryness and irritations. A natural moisturizer included in the product deeply moistens the skin, removes roughness and provides proper regeneration. Hands are nourished, soft and silky smooth.

Instructions for use:
1. Peeling for hands:
Smear gently the peeling on wet hands for about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Don’t dry!
2. Paraffin mask for hands:
Put the mask on wet hands. Put foil gloves and wrap them with a towel. Wait 10 minutes. Put off the gloves. Dry gently the feet with a towel. Don’t rinse.

Weight / volume: 
2 x 6 ml

Price 1.90

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