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Vollare Foot Intensive Moistening Treatment PeelinCream Mask

Care Products 919100

Peeling for feet Vollaré Cosmetics with natural shells of apricot seeds is a warming composition of ingredients which by massaging improves blood circulation, supports absorption and effects of active ingredients. Nourishing formula gently peels off and softens cornified epidermis, so that feet look healthy, and feet skin is flexible and soft.

Cream mask for feet Vollaré Cosmetics softens and gently oils the feet skin and at the same time, it regenerates it. An innovative formula with glycerin and extract from citrus fruit forms a soft film protecting the skin from dryness. Shea butter included in the mask deeply nourishes and intensively moistens the skin. Camphor and extracts from cinnamon and ginger warm feet and at the same time make them soft and silky smooth.

Instructions for use:
1. Peeling for feet
Smear gently the peeling on wet feet for about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry.
2. Cream mask for feet
After the peeling, put the cream mask on feet. Leave to be absorbed.

Weight / volume: 
2 x 6 ml

Price 1.90

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