Alezori Primer Acid Free 15ml

Alezori Primer Acid Free 15ml
Category: Alezori
Code: 666608
Manufacturer: ALEZORI

Primer - Acid Free (Acid Free)

It is a Primer for general use, and makes for all semi-permanent, gel and any artificial application.

Alezori Primer is applied before applying the semi-permanent or artificial nails. Although it is not necessary, you can use it before the simple varnish for better application and longer duration.

Application Instructions

-After you have cleaned and cared for the nails, apply Alezori Primer on the entire surface of the nail.

-Let the nails breathe and the product evaporates naturally (1-2 minutes).

Carefully without touching the surface of the nail and without dust falling on the nails, proceed to the application of gel, acrylic, semi-permanent or any other varnish.

Alezori Primer Acid Free does not damage nails or skin.

Excellent welding!

No acid (does not burn)!

Very thin layer for perfect welding!


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