Alezori Gelly Tips AG-03 Square Medium 240pcs

Alezori Gelly Tips AG-03 Square Medium 240pcs
Category: Tips
Code: 667147
Manufacturer: ALEZORI

Easy and quick installation, in just a few minutes you have a complete set. They last from 3 to 4 weeks and are maintained with any hard Gel - Acrygel - Liquid Polygel material.

It's made for you!!!


Powerful. Light in feel. Flexible. Ideal for cases of onychophagia. A Base Coat is required before applying the Gelly Tips. Natural beautiful architecture. Polished, ready to apply. Easy removal with a wheel and carbide removal bur with blue link.


Typical nail preparation. Application of liquids (Cleaner - Optimizer - Primer). Gelly tip selection based on the size of each nail. Application of a very thin layer of Rubber Base Medium on the natural nail. Application of a Base Coat Medium Rubber - Base Thick Rubber, on 1/3 of the tip in the contact area inside the tips. With a little pressure on the nail, the short polymerization follows for a few seconds. Completion of polymerization (after short polymerization) for 1 - 2 minutes in a 48W lamp. The welding area is smoothed and then painted in two layers. Finally with Top Alezori your creation is ready and the result is simply wonderful

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