Alezori Gel Polish Bouqanvilia 02 (No 332) 15ml

Alezori Gel Polish Bouqanvilia 02 (No 332)   15ml
Category: Alezori
Code: 666950
Manufacturer: ALEZORI


Polish Gel is a high-quality product that will amaze you with its incredible color palette. You will be delighted with its excellent pigment, as it will facilitate and speed up your beautiful manicure, making the application process very simple, due to its consistency and fluidity. The combination of colors with our super shiny Tops, give you the possibility for exciting creations!


Intense pigment
Medium liquidity
Spreads evenly
Great durability and durability
It doesn't peel
It doesn't come off

Application Method:

1. The standard procedure for preparing the natural nail plate Primer
(Cleaner, Optimizer, Primer)

2. Apply Rubber Base Medium, Rubber Base Thick, Rubber Base Non Heat of your choice to the nail plate
    IMPORTANT! It is recommended to remove the sticky substance from the Rubber Base Non Heat with        the Cleaner before using the polish gel.
3. We apply 2 thin layers of Polish Gel, with intermediate polymerization (60'' in a 48 watt Led lamp)
4. Cover the set with a Top Coat.

*In dark colors we increase the polymerization up to 120''.

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