Alezori Acrylic Liquid Uv/Led 100ml

Alezori Acrylic Liquid Uv/Led 100ml
Category: Liquids
Code: 666538
Manufacturer: ALEZORI

UV-LED acrylic liquid has the durability of acrylic and the elasticity of the gel. This liquid is designed to polymerize in UV-LED lamps. The good thing about this product is that it is odorless and can be used in unventilated areas and suitable for use in people who have a respiratory problem. The combination of this acrylic liquid with acrylic powder has no effect without the use of the UV-LED lamp, this is convenient for beginners as well.
Method of application: this liquid is used only with Alezori acrylic powders.

The amount of liquid and powder is the same as with the classic acrylic. It allows you to work on the nail until you achieve the desired result. Cures in a UV lamp for 3 minutes and in an LED lamp for 2 minutes. After curing it may leave some sticky substance which, you can remove with Nail Cleaner.

The positives of the product are that:

1) it is odorless

2) you have unlimited time to do modeling

3) it is simple to apply and use

4) you have a good alternative to using classic acrylic

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