Alezori A&G Hybrid Baby Pink 100gr Acrygel

Alezori A&G Hybrid Baby Pink 100gr Acrygel
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Manufacturer: ALEZORI


Acrygel embraced the best features of the two materials classic system gel + classic system acryl. It offers you peace of mind during your work and 100% control over the application of the material, thanks to its unique features. The palette of wonderful shades always fascinates you with its beauty and the result exceeds expectations.


· Ideal for extending, modeling, strengthening the natural nail

· Polymerizes

· Hard after polymerization

· It has a sticky substance

· Does not generate heat

· Durable

· It doesn't flow

· Light on the nail

· Odorless

· Easy to file

Method of application

1. The standard procedure for preparing the natural nail plate. (Cleaner, Optimizer, Primer)

2. It is applied after Base Coat A&G hybrid 15ml.

3. It is polymerized 60'' in a 48 watt Led lamp.

4. After polymerization, the sticky substance is removed


*Necessary application of Base Coat A&G hybrid 15ml.
*For quick and easy work a brush is recommended (8,9)

*In case we need to shape the nail with more quantity for its proper structure, the polymerization is increased to 120΄΄.


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