Alezori 9D Cat Eye Effect 1006 15ml

Alezori 9D Cat Eye Effect 1006   15ml
Category: Thermo Glitter Cat Eye Flash
Code: 666606
Manufacturer: ALEZORI

New professional product Alezori professional products- semi-permanent varnish "CAT EYE EFFEC 9D".

How to apply:

- We paint the entire surface of the nail.

- Clean with nail cleaner

- We pass Optimizer.

-We pass Primer.

- Apply a thin layer of base coat soak off. It cures for 2΄ in the 36W UV lamp and 30 LED in the LED lamp.

- Apply the semi-permanent varnish CAT EYE 1 time.

- We magnetize it with a special magnet.

- Apply a layer of top coat soak off and polymerize for 2 minutes in the UW lamp 36W and 30 "in the LED lamp. Removed within 5 minutes with POLISH GEL REMOVER.

We recommend working with all the semi-permanent varnishes of the "cat eye" series with one method of application, ie one nail - we apply a thin layer of cat eye, magnetize, polymerize and then pass the next nail. The magic of the cat eye is in its fantastic form. At different angles, the light creates the effect of coverage and play with different shades. The dazzling design will win the hearts of the most elegant and demanding lady.

Certified European product approved by the EOF

Immediately available

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